Wednesday, September 20, 2017


I made this custom last year [2016]. I would do some work on her and then put her aside, since I was learning the customizing process back then, and my job takes up a lot of my time.

Lady Zora is an elite warrior maiden, an ancient Paragon being from the ebook tales of the DSNG Sci Fi Series. She is a powerful clan leader with a motherly heart, and she is known for her gentleness, which is in sharp contrast to her incredible brute strength.

I used the 6-inch Marvel Legends Captain Marvel [Carol Danvers] body as the base figure - that's pretty much my fav female base-build, although I use others like Lady Thor and Spider-woman. The two axes came from that same Captain Marvel's package, for the Odin BAF. Her large broad sword came from The Hound, a Game of Thrones toy. But I had to customize the grip and repaint the whole thing. 



Her light body-armor, her belt, her gauntlets and her shin-guards were all sculpted and painted lemon yellow, which resemble a bright gold; while the blades on both sides of the Axes were customized with putty and painted with the “old gold” shade from Tamiya paints. And her cape came from the ML Scarlet Witch toy. Plus I created a holster for her sword, via a folded piece of cardboard, which was colored and placed inside her cape and glued in place. And when she holds her broad sword, she can store one of her axes behind her, within the cape.

I used Tamiya paints for her whole body, and some slightly bendy procreate putty for her hair. The reddish gem placed in a gold setting upon her cape was sculpted and painted with a gloss-red shade. A cloth cape probably was not the right thing to use in this custom, because I needed the strong background of a solid cape for holstering her sword, since the sword was not held by any sheath that was magnetized to her back. Additionally, I took some pics of Zora without her plastic cape. Those pics look a bit plane, but she still has her sensual & strong vibe. 

Her voluptuous physique is based on my art style, just search for “DSNG art”, or just browse through this cool blog ;) Stay tuned for more.

Saturday, September 16, 2017


This was another early custom that I did last year [2016], while transitioning from customizing Transformers to painting action figures [which requires more acute skills, in my opinion, per the smaller details].

Deathstroke is one of my fav DC Comics characters, since I only have about 5 - 7 characters in that short list of those that I Really like. His base was the Demolition Man / Scourge and his replaced left hand came from a WWE Basic Dolph Ziggler toy. I painted him with Blue Americana paints and Tamiya orange, and I also added brown Tamiya and some grays here and there. Even though I love creating customized body-armor with putty, Not too much sculpting was done on this one, but I did sand down his body before I started painting; so the "classic odd buttons" from the original Electro body-mold [which Scourge inherited per Marvel's laziness] were all removed from his lower torso, his chest and his thigh.

The gun holster and chest harness were all standard from Scourge, but the back of the toy needed a new sculpted holster for his large nightstick / hybrid-staff, which was custom-made from fodder and painted with gunmetal to make it stand out as metallic. And that holster / hole became a twin-functioning aperture, so that I could store a katana sword from Deadpool over there, whenever he was holding his nightstick. And if you study the back pics a little bit, you'll notice that I moved around his katana, since it can be stored in more than one place...

Plus I gave him the large laser blaster from from Marvel Legends Duke [the buff guy with the flag painted on his face].
His square-shaped belt buckle was sculpted and the dagger that hangs behind his body was moved over to his right thigh, and attached by a rubberband that was painted brown. Lastly, His shoulder-pads and the top-rims of his boots were sculpted with putty as well, along with the extra canisters that are strapped to his left bicep. One of the pics on the right shows a behind-the-scenes look at the light sculpting work that was done, before the painting stage began.

This custom toy turned out to be a fav of mine and a fun build, but I also built a second Deathstroke, which will be posted at a later time…



Hmm... You know what? That last pic is a duplicate, a double-shot that was posted on my new page at the Figure-Realm website. But you don't mind that issue, because you love this stuff, right? Of course you do, damn it! So stay tuned for more!! :)

Monday, September 11, 2017


Most of my long-time fans have seen this custom toy before. But I pulled up the former Ahsoka Tano toy [which I often misspell as Ashoka] and I gave her a  black scarf and took some new pics, with better angles. And the addition of that little black cloth really does make a big difference.

This was her tagline, when I uploaded her earlier today, on my new user-page at the FigureRealm website:

"She travels like the night, robed in a veil of mystery, emerging from the shadows and striking without mercy... she is neither Jedi nor Sith; instead, she is a messenger of wrath. Her codename is the Swift Slayer. But she was once known as Ahsoka. She travels alone. And she operates by a strict code of vengeance, on behalf of those that seek redemption from their oppressors!"

Basically, I created a mature version of Ahsoka, based on my vision of her as an adult female warrior, who was independent of the classic codes of the Jedi and Sith. And the base figure was the Marvel Legends Wasp Toy, with boots from the Mockingbird toy. Enjoy...  



The link to the former blog article with her other "before and after" pics is over HERE!

Friday, September 8, 2017


I made this StrongArm toy last year as well [2016]. Initially, I didn't even want to buy the toy and work on this hobby project. It wasn't the price that bugged me; since it was under $20, via ebay. But it was the design that I didn't fully like.... but I pushed onward and I bought her, and I worked on her. And to my delight, she became one of my fav models, per her flexible joints and her slightly modified features that I implemented. The original toy to didn't have good hands, per her transformation style. Hence, I used a Transformers Prime Ratchet toy to give her some new shoulders & arms with new hands; and these new hands actually have "holes" in their bases, so that she can hold a sword if she needs to.

I wanted to make StrongArm into a Bad-Ass Autobot-SWAT officer, so I had to give her lots of weapons to reflect that issue. And one of the pics below shows her arsenal placed in front of her. And she can store / hold almost all of those weapons on her body, via her peg-holes, side-slots and her hands.

The only issue was, once I gave her the new hands, she could no longer transform properly. But that was fine with me, since I mostly make display models to stand with the others in my modest collection. I said modest, because I'm very picky about what I buy... I don't buy everything that I see, regardless of what the fanboys say about it. I have to personally like the toy's design, and often the design And the personality of the toy's cartoon character, before I buy it!
Because I'm picky damn it!!! ;)

Anyway, I repainted her with a special blue mixture of  acrylic paints, and I added several stickers to her. I also added the winged backpack from the Transformers Prime Voyager Class UItra Magnus toy. And then I repainted that jetpack with silver acrylic paints from Tamiya. Her boots were fully white, so I had to slightly repaint them with blue, in front and behind. Her new shoulder-pads were painted as well. Her weapons came from other Transformers [including the "twin-gun shield-blaster", sourced from the 3rd party Chinese company called Iron Factory]. And some weapons came from my Marvel Legends fodder. She even has two Captain America handguns that were inserted into her lower legs!

Her "inner shoulder joints" had to be sanded down, so that her two arms could be lifted and lowered, without forcing her chest-piece / boob-covers to pop open... if you have this toy, then you'll know what I mean.





Anyway, since she is an Autobot, the gallery of her created Decepticon opponent, Shockwave, was posted over Here!
Several other Transformers custom toys were previously posted in this blog, like:
Mega Optimus Prime,  Six-Blade WindbladeTurbo Blitz [a remix of the FOC Sideswipe] and Warlord Ultra Magnus.




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